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Welcome to the Inter-Soft banner exchange.

Although there may be many reasons to join our banner exchange here are some of the main ones.
  • We offer you a 5:4 display ratio. For every 5 banners that you display, we show your banner 4 times.
  • It's absolutely free. We will never ask you for money. We don't even have any pro upgrades.
  • Rotating banners are displayed on every site (every 10 seconds a new banner is shown), giving your banner(s) much more exposure and subsequently, (hopefully) many more clicks.
  • All your stats are displayed in real time and you can access them at any time with your unique ID and password.
What Do I Need To Join?
  • Your own web-site and the desire to have lots of visitors.
  • A standard banner in gif, jpg or png format which must be 468 x 60 pixels. Animated banners are allowed.
  • The ability to add a couple of lines of HTML code to every web page you wish to display the banner exchange on. (or a good friend to give you a hand with this)
Some Basic Rules: aka Terms & Conditions
  • The Inter-Soft banner exchange does not accept adult content sites. Advertising banners and web sites must not contain nudity, partial nudity (bathing suits included), violence, vulgar language, or links to adult sites. In addition, advertising banners cannot imply a link to an adult content site. Other web sites that are not accepted:
    • Non-English or non-Dutch language web sites.
    • Alcohol and tobacco related web sites.
    • Web sites engaged in the promotion of illegal substances or activities.
    • Web sites that contain racial, ethnic, political, or otherwise objectionable content.
  • Participants who decide to generate free advertising by placing an Inter-Soft banner exchange banner on their page(s) agree to use the provided HTML code for displaying banner ads not more than once on a single page. Modifications can be made to justify your banner, change text color, change text size, or change text font. In addition, all must be placed on a page such that a majority of people visiting that page will notice the banner.
  • Participants who decide to generate free advertising by placing a banner on their page(s) agree to not artificially inflate traffic counts using a program (including scripts), device, or other means. Excessive page reloading or any other abuse of our system could result in legal action.
  • Banner appearance must not be overly distracting to the web surfer. Banners with excessive animation and/or poor banner quality will not be accepted.
  • All account information will remain confidential.
  • All sites are reviewed and may be terminated at any time.
  • Inter-Soft banner exchange does not make any guarantees regarding dependability, accuracy, or timeliness of our service. Inter-Soft banner exchange cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from use of our service.
  • Inter-Soft banner exchange administrators reserve the right to modify, or change these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.
Inter-Soft traffic

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